With Rebecca Palmer, Tom Frederic, Ben Price, J.J. Straub, Kurt Rauscher, Christian Heiner Wolf

Directed by Robert Krause

The psycho stalker theme gets a slight twist here with mountain biking thrown in. The originality of this movie pretty much stops there as our female lead and her boyfriend is tormented in the mountain trails by a guy she had a one-night stand with. He's not hesitant to kill. And, yes, the duct-tape-to-a-chair scene is there - as tired as it may be. There is however an attempt to give it a twist, but not much.
When you're supposed to care for, or at least sympathize with a character, and like in this case, the damsel in distress is irritating on all levels, you pretty much sit and wait for it all to be over with. Terror fans may enjoy this and the forest photography looks good, but the biggest fans of this may be horror fans who happen be mountain bikers.

3 / C
- PB

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