BUNDY: A Legacy Of Evil

With Corin Nemec, Jen Nikolaisen, Kane Hodder, David DeLuise, Shannon Pierce, Bill Jacobson

Written & Directed by Michael Feifer

Also known as Bundy: An American Icon, this alternate title is quite baffling as his brutal misogynistic murder of many women hardly qualifies him for such status. Sure, there are many serial killer obsessed folks out there, but an icon? Come now!
That said, unfortunately this movie fails to give the viewer a congruent experience, from both an informative and entertainment aspect. Too many facts seem glossed over and for the most part the performances are not convincing enough; some scenes like one with a very bad ADR loop further diminished its possibilities. It also feels as though there are too many holes, resulting in a jagged pace.
It seems like the movie makers tried to dig into the “human” side of this notorious murderer and how his charming nature foiled many unsuspecting victims.
Once caught, Ted Bundy had the truth extracted from him by the warden before his execution, but this will not be satisfactory for someone who knows all the details about this character.

The lives and inexplicable acts of these twisted killers make for interesting, if not sensationalist viewing, but here it seems as though it would've been more effective and shocking had it been a documentary.
In many respects this feels like a TV movie, but some brutal scenes sets it apart.

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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