With Gabrielle Anwar, Dina Meyer, Traci Lords, Frank Whaley, Dan DeLuca, George Newbern, Michael Gabel

Written by Dan DeLuca, James K. Jones, Ji-un Kwon
Directed by James K. Jones

Half a dozen friends meet up again after many years when congregating at one’s funeral. He left a message which leads them to a time capsule chest they assembled as kids, but it also contains a grisly discovery. From there they get lost driving back and end up at what seems like a dilapidated medical facility, where they get mysteriously locked in - and is soon confronted by a dark force, threatening their lives and having them confront their past. While flawed, the movie also falls into some cliché moments (a girl with matted hair in a smock is not really scary anymore...).

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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