With Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Tamara Shanath, Claudio Brook
Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

Jesus is an elderly antique dealer. In an old sculpture he discovers a clockwork device constructed by a 16th Century alchemist seeking eternal life. The ailing Dieter has been seeking this instrument with a vengeance, and orders his nephew Angel to find it at any cost. Jesus is drawn to this golden device (which houses a bug-like scarab creature). It is wound like a clock, then attaches itself to your hand, pierces the skin, drinks and filters your blood. This has a youthful effect on the participant, but obviously comes at a blood-lusting price that can ruin the lives of both Jesus and his granddaughter. Angel is adamant to get this ornate trinket and will stop at nothing, not even killing. Perlman and Luppi are great. Try to see the Spanish version, not the English dub. Winning several awards, this amazing take on the vampire tale was del Torro's debut, and what an amazing one at that.

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