deathrace 2 DEATH RACE 2

With Luke Goss, Danny Trejo, Lauren Cohan, Sean Bean, Ving Rhames, Tanit Phoenix, Robin Shou, Joe Vaz

Written by Paul W.S. Anderson & Tony Giglio
Directed by Roel Reiné

Co-written and produced by the man behind the Resident Evil movie franchise Paul W.S. Anderson. He resurrected Roger Corman & Paul Bartel's Death Race 2000 with Jason Statham. Now this prequel looks at how the notorious Death Race televised automotive carnage TV show was born, and how its most controversial driver rose to being. A high security prison island with the baddest of the bad is in the pocket of a TV network which broadcasts a death match gladiator-style show where prisoners fight to the death. After Lucas (a skilled driver) ends up in this corrupt slammer (because of a botched bank robbery), a new evolution of the TV show erupts – a relentless car race with souped-up vehicles, armed with deadly weapons and sexy female co-drivers. With Lucas' boss putting a hit out on him, the race for survival is stepped up. Fun and fast-paced, this is far better than one would expect.

While in a supporting role, Danny Trejo is great as always.

Shot in South Africa, Death Race 2 features local actors Joe Vaz and Tanit Phoenix in supporting roles, with make-up FX by Clinton Smith and his Cosmesis team.

Extra features take a look at the cars, weapons, burn special FX and some of the wild stunts. Also features a collection of director Reiné's selection of favourite shots unable to be included in the final cut.

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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