descent 2 THE DESCENT Part 2

With Shauna Macdonald, Douglas Hodge, Anna Skellern, Joshua Dallas, Doug Ballard, Robin Berry, Danny Huston

Written by J. Blakeson, James McCarthy, James Watkins (based on characters created by Neil Marshall)
Directed by Jon Harris

This sequel to Neil Marshall's highly effective underground creature flick unfortunately packs less screams, especially since the surprise and initial uncertain shock factor is now gone. Returning to the Appalachian cave of the first film, the lone survivor (of the intense caving expedition gone wrong), has to assist rescuers to ensure there are no survivors.

The refreshing trait of the original Descent is very much the polar opposite in that it is a carbon copy with a few new twists and back story inclusions (almost like an extended conclusion they never shot for the first film).

2 / B
- Paul Blom

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