With William Ash , Christine Bottomley , Claire Keelan , Stuart McQuarrie , Andreas Wisniewski , Robbie Gee , Peter Wyatt , Sheila Reid

Written & Directed by Mark Tonderai

Set in the UK, this tale follows the thread of movies like Breakdown (and to a lesser extent The Long Weekend on the relationship side of the story). A couple is on the road - it is a rainy night and along the way to their destination, the bloke has to stop off at petrol stations to change adverts in the toilets. He wants to be a writer but needs to do this crummy job to make ends meet. His girlfriend has reached her limit with him and the trip falls into conflict as soon as it seems all will be fine. Their journey is suddenly shaken when he spots what seems like a woman tied up in the back of a truck when its doors pops open and shut again. The police seem unable to help, so they try to follow the truck - but, his job duties force them to take the garage turn-off. At the station she decides to leave him, and disappears. He spots the truck trying to find her, but realizes she might have also been abducted. From hereon his frantic ordeal worsens as his car dies, he's suspected of murder, and the truck seems like it will disappear forever.
This scenario is nothing new, but the movie makers will keep many viewers on the edge of their seats with the close calls and sometimes outrageous tension.

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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