SUMMER'S BLOOD (aka Summer's Moon)

With Ashley Greene, Peter Mooney, Stephen McHattie, Barbara Niven, Peter Michael Dillon, Cinthia Burke, Paul Whitney

Written by Sean Hogan, Christine Conradt & Travis Stevens
Directed by Lee Demarbre

Pay no mind to the deceptive alternate title (probably to direct one's attention to Ashley Greene's Twilight affiliation) - this remains a pretty crappy abduction / basement hostage thriller.
A young female drifter enters a town looking for the father she'd never met. In stead what she gets is nabbed and held hostage by a disturbed young man who seems like a saint compared to his father(!). When the father of another girl held in the basement is released form jail to find his daughter gone, he starts to investigate himself as the sheriff is not exactly going out of his way to help.
Appearing in the Twilight movies as one of the Cullens, this is a bad choice on Ashley Greene's part - yet, here she has the leading role while she's third fiddle in the Twilight hits, so that may have been motivation. While the lead performances aren't bad, the trite narrative of sadistic mental and physical torture is just too passé to substantiate the making of yet another movie like this.
The only people this will really affect is someone who had personally gone through this kind of trauma.

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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