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2022 South African HORRORFEST
Early Announcements :


SA HorrorFest

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2022 is the 18th anniversary of the
South African HORRORFEST !
(Halloween Season)

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bloody parchment


is open to all fans of movies, music, books & games.
Backed by
FLAMEDROP.COM, we also aim to create a space for South African fans of all horror / fantasy / sci-fi / bizarre & off-centre media, and to create a community, not only on the web, but also actively outside of the lounge by building up a fan database, hosting festivals and encourage the making of genre films, videos, shorts, art, literature and music - something S.A. has far too little of.

It's so easy to simply go for the imported (and commercial) product created with infrastructures that have been built over decades to a century. But if we don't start creating our own, we'll simply get swallowed by the rest of the planet. We love the films made in the rest of the world, but we also want to see more horror and off-centre art from home soil.

To the left you will find the SHADOW REALM chapter buttons. With this being an ever-growing portal, reviews will be constantly added, as well as new chapters as they arise.

The South African HORRORFEST (aka S.A. HORROR FESTACULAR) is the first dedicated annual South African festival of Horror, screening a variety of movies over the Halloween period, incorporating live music, Halloween dress-ups and more.
A FRIGHT STORE will also be on site at the Cape Town location.

An important component is the inclusion of short horror flicks, with the best South African made one walking off with a handy prize, the best foreign entry also recognized together with other categories we feel deserve a mention.
To submit your featur- or short film production hesd to the HORRORFEST Submission Page.

EYEBALL is an archive of movies compiled from both the FLAMEDROP vault plus newly created ones specifically for SHADOW REALM. Some reviews are still pending as these are independently reviewed and not stolen or loaned from elsewhere. It covers a wide spectrum of movies - some mainstream, some so underground you need a bulldozer.

Another blood curdling film festival introduced to South Africa is the X FEST - bringing you a range of extreme, underground, intense and cult movies to the big screen

Three new chapters include FEA(R)TURES (interviews, features etc.), FRESH BLOOD (new on S.A. screens and DVD), and WIN (freebies, prizes and give-aways).

BLOODY PARCHMENT focuses on books and magazines with its quill dipped in red ink, from merely scary to gory.
Order great movies (and anything else you're looking for) from AMAZON.

The third film festival created by Flamedrop is the CELLUDROID Sci-Fi / Anime / Fantasy Film Festival.

Another Flamedrop & Shadow Realm affiliate is CINEMANIACS, special movie events well worth checking out.

looks at the range of more intense gaming titles across several platforms.

FLAMEBOX concentrates on extreme music.

SOUNDS OF THE SILVERSCREAM accumulates some soundtracks adding chilling moods to the vivid pictures.

FRIGHT STORE offers T-Shirts and links to the vast array of movies available at Amazon.

FLAMEDROP is also part of the menu for those interested in the variety of content it has to offer.

HORRORFEST affiliates VISUAL IMPACT, SOMETHING WICKED MAGAZINE and HD HUB can also be reached from here, as well as HORRORFEST creators Paul & Sonja's music project TERMINATRYX (responsible for the live soundtrack performances to silent classics at the HORRORFEST).

Not all of the
SHADOW REALM inc. chapters are complete as yet, and new features will be added regularly - meanwhile there's enough to keep you busy for a while...

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Doctor Sleep SA HorrorFest

Halloween Overlord

bloody parchment horrorfest
Shadow Realm, Flamedrop Productions & the South African HorrorFest
in association with Nerine Dorman and eKhaya has release 2
Bloody Parchment short story anthologies in print,
with a total of 5 as eBooks.

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Bloody Parchment 3

bloody parchment vol1

TERMINATRYX "Virus" Music Video
[ director: paul blom / music: terminatryx / make-up fx: clinton smith & cosmesis / dop: marnus tredoux / editor: leon visser ]

Watch the voyeur / paranormal TERMINATRYX "Obsession" music video below

TERMINATRYX "Obsession" Music Video
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