Paul Blom is now South African correspondent for the world renowned
His first assignment was
covering Neil Marshall's DOOMSDAY
which shot in Cape Town between March and April 2007.

For decades Fangoria has been THE magazine for Horror fans. Since its first issue it catered for a growing horde of gorehounds across the globe, and has grown into quite an empire as it branched out onto the web and also into DVD distribution and releases. Everyone from Jason Voorhees to Michael Myers to Freddy Krueger has graced the cover, with miles of content and FX features inside. It's no surprise that when a Horror magazine features in a movie (like the recent Seed Of Chucky - 2005), it will be the one and only Fangoria. Like most magazines of this kind, it is not available at any corner shop (especially when you find yourself in South Africa), so subscription is the best option. - PB