From the unexpected territory of Canada comes this classy mag of Horror across the board. It features an especially classy design and a wide range of Horror entertainment, from Film, Video/DVD, and Fiction, to Games, Music, the Web and even strange and macabre facts, or horror related culture phenomena like tattoo artists specializing in horror movie characters. New and old films get well-written reviews and / or retrospectives. You obviously get interviews with big and smaller names in the game. Rue Morgue always put effort into creating stylish, striking covers that is not merely a publicity shot slapped on the front with a logo. They also have an on-line radio station with horror music and sounds. Their issues are already well into the 40's, and the first time I came across one in South Africa was in August 2005 amid a bunch of other imported magazines in a surplus bookstore. It's a shame that such a fine publication should be so hard to get - there's always the subscription option; but then, you need to know of its existence in order to subscribe. Well, now you do! - PB