Directed by Katsuhiro Otomoto

Akira was the first Japanese Anime feature film to truly transcend the futuristic TV cartoon action episodes, and translating a more mature animation genre to the big screen and beyond. Since then the movement has exploded with countless incredible Manga films pushing the boundaries of extremity. Based on Katsuhiro Otomoto's graphic novel, he also directed this classic from 1988 with chief animator Takashi Nakamura's expert assistance. Tetsuo and his biker gang encounter a military operation in the process of trying to capture an experimental subject. Tetsuo is caught and the experiments conducted on him leads to the apocalyptic unleashing of his intense psychic powers. Wild, vibrant, intense and the one anime flick (together with
Ghost In The Shell) that everyone needs to see - even if it's not your kind of thing. This digitally remastered Special Edition also comes in both the old and a new English dub - but for the original impact, watch the Japanese version. Dragonball-Z and Pokémon this is not!

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