This documentary on the grand daddy of Shockrock,
Alice Cooper, was released in the early 90s. This retrospective with live footage, old interviews and video clips plus interviews by Alice himself, his manager and producer shed a lot of light on the man many feared to be the son of the devil and group they wished never existed. Interesting anecdotes, details and facts come to the fore, shattering many misconceptions the world has about this intriguing character who has been at it since the late 60s and basically shattering the love generation with their raw, dangerous Rock & Roll approach. The stage theatrics, snakes, costumes, blood and amazing songs all blend as part of this historic phenomenon. A Jukebox feature skips to any of the almost 3 dozen songs featured on the documentary, like School's Out, I'm Eighteen, The Ballad Of Dwight Frye, Dead Babies, Poison, Elected and more. A 2nd disc contains many extra features, but can only be accessed via playing a Snakes & Ladders game!

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