With Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn, Carrie Henn, Bill Paxton
Directed by James Cameron

After his hit with
The Terminator, James Cameron leaped into A-list director status with this action packed sequel to Scott's classic. Instead of replicating the atmospheric tension of the original, they went all out warfare with this one. Space marines are called in when they lose contact with human colony base LV-426. With the alien creature suspected, Ripley is called in to assist (being the only surviving human with knowledge of the acid blooded leathery beast). Prior to this she gets grilled by bureaucrats for blowing up company equipment, her story not exactly believed and she has to come to terms with her life after being in deep sleep for decades, outliving her family etc. At almost 2 ½ hours, this Director's Cut doesn't leave you bored, even when a kid gets thrown into the mix. The action is fast, slick and exhilarating, the cliché military characters becoming part of the fun and not a deterrent. Overrun by aliens, getting slaughtered left and right, a replicant becomes Ripley's ally (after reservations with the one in the first film flipping out). This time James Horner took over the soundtrack duties.
With no directors' commentary for this DVD release, you do get a Cameron interview, behind the scenes footage, restored footage for the Director's Cut, as well as stills.

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