With Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau, Deborah Headwall, Dwight Schultz
Directed by Jack Sholder

This psycho-killer flick was quite an enjoyable romp at its time of release in the early '80s. The story follows the classic theme popular at the time of the lunatics escaping from an insane asylum. This gang proceed to terrorize the family of a doctor and have no qualms to kill. Palance is great, doing his slanty-eyed thing and Pleasence's popularity for this kind of movie was out in full force since his appearance as doctor Loomis in John Carpenter's late '70s classic
Halloween. I haven't seen the movie since way back, but for some reason my most vivid memories is that of a knife being jabbed through a mattress from underneath the bed and a rock band singing Chop-Chop with polystyrene hatchets on stage!

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