With Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, Michael Wincot
Directed by Lee Tamahori

Kiss The Girls is not your kind of movie, then this won't work for you. If the profiling hunt for a mad killer & kidnapper makes your bomb tick, however, the reprising character portrayed by Foreman from the aforementioned thriller will no doubt make your suspense gland twitch. A political figure's daughter is kidnapped amid strict security and our man is called in. In fact, the kidnapper insists on his involvement. With no apparent motive or demand other than committing the crime of the century, the race is on to sift through clues and not only save the girl and get the bad guy, but also to get to the bottom of what he's really after. Enjoyable enough, at least the film takes a little twist here & turn there to ensure your attention's directed at the screen. Director Lee Tamahori really made an impact with his stark portrayal of violent Maori family life in Once Were Warriors. It feels as though any new director could've made Along Came A Spider work, his stamp not exactly imprinted on it (or maybe we have too high expectations because of his impressive debut? Mulholland Falls was also pretty bland - I guess if you can make your way to Hollywood after your first flick, that's not bad going, question remains how much clout you have in picking your next project. At least Tamahori managed to get Bond20! A once in a lifetime shot). While this is not the kind of film you'll die for additional info or DVD extras, at least it contains a featurette & trailer.

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