With Adam Kaufman, Catehrine Mangan, Brad William Henke, Mike C. Williams, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Misty Rosas,
James Gammon

Directed by Eduardo Sánchez

You can’t seem to get Eduardo Sánchez out of the woods (or the woods out of Eduardo Sánchez). This setting was the very effective location for his breakthrough debut with co-director Daniel Myrick on
The Blair Witch Project. This time round however aliens are the menacing factor, not witches. For years a group of friends had been living with the tortuous memories of being abducted, one of them not surviving the ordeal. Furthermore they’d been subjected to disbelief from friends and family since then. When three of them capture one of these aliens they bring it to the doorstep of the buddy most affected by it - all hell breaks loose. Killing the alien would mean the end of civilization – keeping it alive could mean the death of all of them – and not a quick pleasant demise at that. The well-constructed scenes and pacing of tension makes this a very enjoyable view as the events of their past experience unfolds, while they attempt to contain the situation of the present. A very different alien tale indeed and well worth the watch.
The South African version unfortunately does not contain any extras, as a documentary on the research of the aliens would’ve been interesting to explore.

4 / B
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