With Christopher Lloyd, Kiefer Sutherland
Directed by Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis

This very entertaining movie followed the multi chapter story narrative like that of the
Twilight Zone and Creepshow movies. The original flick includes tales of The Mission (where a cartoon artist is stuck in a WWII bomber's bottom machine gun cockpit with the wheels damaged, landing sure to crush him), Mummy Daddy (with an actor in a mummy movie on his way to his wife giving birth, a real mummy risen from the tomb), and Go To The Head Of The Class (two kids using a backward message spell on a record to prank their nasty teacher - but things go wrong). Amazing Stories was also converted into a spooky, weird and paranormal video/TV series with episodes featuring high profile talent like directors Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton, and actors like Danny DeVito, Patrick Swayze, John Lithgow and Gregory Hines. With varying merits, these shows were still more enjoyable than the regular stale videos and TV programming flung at numbed viewers 24-7.

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