With Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, George Dzundza, Jeanne Triplehorn
Directed by Paul Verhoeven

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven had the critics, movie fans and housewives chatting about this barrier-pushing thriller based on Joe Eszterhas's expensive screenplay. A novelist is the prime suspect in the murder of her boyfriend, like many deaths of people close to her, these killings are described in her books before they happen - this becomes her alibi seeing as only an idiot would do something they wrote about. A copycat? Or is she a black widow-like psycho minx? The cop investigating the case falls under her spell and even though he might be the next victim, he continues to think from behind the zipper. This is the role that fast tracked Sharon Stone (
King Solomon's Mines not cutting it), and after RoboCop had Verhoeven truly break into the American market in a big way. Curiously Basic Instinct reflects many thematic similarities to his earlier Dutch film, De Vierde Man (The Fourth Man). Rob Bottin's graphic murder FX was only one of the big talking points, the other one was Stone's underwear-less leg crossing scene in the interrogation room and gratuitous sex scenes. Old Michael Douglas is a creepy little man, especially when he's trying to act hot and steamy in a graphic humping scene (of which there several).

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