With Sharon Stone, David Morrissey, David Thewlis, Charlotte Rampling
Directed by Michael Caton-Jones

Writer Catherine Tramell (the black widow vixen from writer Joe Esterhasz and director Paul Verhoeven’s original
Basic Instinct) now lives in London. She gets reprimanded by the authorities when a drugged-up footballer dies in her sports car when she prangs it into the river. She is put up for psychiatric evaluation and she starts her little sexually fuelled game with the hapless doctor. Secrets, lies and deception start to flow (together with body fluids of all varieties). Sexual murders seem to be tied to the doctor (and a past case), his ex-wife (and her journalist boyfriend), the nosy detective, and of course our Catherine. Over-hammed orgasmic scenes are so exaggerated and stylized that it goes from erotic to ludicrous (as with the opening ‘car speed-masturbation-crash into the river’ sequence). Sometimes Stone’s knowing smirk is just not believable anymore, but after more than a decade, she’s still pretty damn tasty. With a twist or two to be expected, this doesn’t touch the original, but is worth a watch to see where they’re heading with it.

PS. Charlotte Rampling has aged gracefully
PSS. This is quite a departure from director Michael Caton-Jones’
Doc Hollywood! / He also made Scandal and The Jackal

3 / B
- PB

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