With Alexander Skarsgård, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano, Rihanna

Written by Jon & Erich Hoeber

Directed by Peter Berg

Who would've thought they'd make a movie based on the board game Battleship! An alien race gets wind of planet earth and sends their forces across the universe to attack (landing them in the ocean).

An unruly young man who joined the navy in which his brother excels, becomes the unlikely hero who could save the earth. While the US Navy and fleets from around the world conduct naval exercises in Hawaii, this attack catches them unawares, a forcefield creating a dome in the ocean, trapping some ships within its impenetrable walls. The fight is on and they have to use their tactical ingenuity to outsmart these technologically superior beings.

In many ways this feels like just another Transformers chapter (interestingly also a Hasbro product like the Battleship game), with over the top digital effects, huge machines, explosions and crazy action.

One relief is the fact that supporting actress Rihanna didn't burst into song(!).

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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