With Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, Udo Kier
Directed by Stephen Norrington

Pumping vampire hunting spectacular oozing style & class. Snipes is our hardcore title character (based on a comic book character) who is out to wipe all vampires off the face of the earth. His mother was bitten by one just before he was born, making him a “daywalker”, a vampire who doesn’t die in sunlight. But he has to fight his craving and takes regular essence of garlic injections to keep his tainted blood in line. With Kristofferson as his side-kick, they travel around doing their job (in bloody spectacular fashion, I might add). When a female doctor gets chomped on by a burnt vampire Blade offed that night, he takes her with him to try and stop the infection, but also uses her as decoy to get to Dorf, the wise-ass vampire who takes over the organized society that doesn’t move with the times in his eyes. Great scenes of action, gore and dark comedy are executed with style and a nail biting pace, a fine soundtrack wrapped around it all.

5 / A
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