With Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman, Matt Goss
Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

One has to maintain a certain sense of reservation when it comes to sequels. They are almost invariably crap, if not at least failing to equal its predecessor (this is also assuming that its original was any good for a start!). The first cinematic adventure of this comic book vampire fighter was an enjoyably wild trip. In case you're unsure of who & what
Blade is, he's a Daywalker: half vampire, half-human - his mother was bitten by a vampire just before he was born. The full effect didn't take root, so he ended up with all of the Vampires' strengths and none of their weaknesses, like light sensitivity for instance. But, the thirst for blood remains and has to be treated with a special serum. This follow-up, made by
Cronos & Mimic director Del Toro is a fun, brutal, tongue in cheek vampire romp. There is a new breed of vampire out there - who destroys vampires! It's leader is played by Matt Goss, one half of the 80s Pop duo, Bros.! And he's pretty damn mean as opposed to his poncy musical image of a few decades back. After a bit of uhm & ah-ing (and a hot vampire princess, of course), our Daywalker decides work with the vampires - since these new creatures are targeting the entire globe, threatening mankind as we know it. Kristofferson is also resurrected from the first and with a cheesy team of vampires originally trained to take out Blade they go to war (the tension very tight within the group). What ensues is an invigorating trip of wild fight sequences and the obvious double cross or two. If you try to read any more into it then knock yourself out. Some sequences are well choreographed while some digital Blade images is sometimes evident. Sure, Vampire movies ain't what they used to be - still, with a few one-liners thrown in the fray, Blade II is a blast well worth an evening of escapism.

4 / B
- PB

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