With Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Ashley Hinshaw, Michael Kelly

Written by Max Landis & Josh Trank
Directed by Josh Trank

Chronicle is an innovative and exciting look at three school kids harnessing super powers, adding another title to the alternative super hero movie genre.

On the surface I was expecting a blend of TV shows like Heroes and Misfits, but ended up enjoying a movie delivering an energetic balance between emotion and superhuman abilities, with a near-believable slant.

When these young guys discover something (more than likely alien), it transfers powers to them which they systematically hone into amazing telekinetic skills, leading to an explosive conclusion.
With serious family and teen issues wovn into the story, the usual flashy, frivolous style is further side-stepped, to great effect. What makes it even more gritty, far removed from, and more original than the big budget costumed Marvel-style super-hero movies, is the fact that it was shot in the found-footage-style - the entire experience chronicled by one of the lads on his video camera (as well as security footage and cell phone cameras). I think this was a good choice, as it would have been just another teen movie otherwise.
The digitally enhanced results of their powers (from moving objects to flying) is amazingly well integrated and natural, further pulling you into the documentary style narrative.

An important component to a movie seen through the lens of regular people is maintaining realistic believability (which takes more than just a shaky camera). This is made easier if you manage to find great unknown (or lesser known) actors. That is one of the aspects of Chronicle that can separate the engagement of the audience, with several familiar players.

A far cry from the Twilight movies, the Pacific North West setting of Seattle for Chronicle's location adds a more chilly and darker mood to the atmosphere.

Watch trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8LQWi0yjAc

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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