With Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone, Stephen Dorff, Juliet Lewis, Christopher Plummer
Directed by Mike Figgis

With varying celluloid accomplishments (from
Internal Affairs to Leaving Las Vegas), Mike Figgis has opted for a predictable, not very scary thriller about a New York family who moves to a rural area to escape the city life. The repossessed mansion they purchase gets fixed up, but the previous owner drops by, slowly making things very difficult for them - first harassment and terrorizing, then murder is soon on the cards. With one too many predictable set-ups (from the villain's death location to his weapon of choice), Figgis played thrill-by-numbers that sure ain't no trip down Hitchcock lane. If only it was a ghostly old mansion tale as it seems from the title and poster, in stead it tries to go for the "dark secret" angle- a house with a nasty past that comes back to physically haunt the present. Quaid goes through it on autopilot while Stone reverts from her once big star significance to the plain wife accessory role (the ones Charlize Theron used to get). Lewis does her usual white trash turn while Plummer is the groggy, bed ridden abusive father of the psychotic Dorff.
DVD contains deleted scenes and alternate endings.

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