With Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Sandahl Bergman, Mako
Directed by John Milius

Written by Oliver Stone and directed by Apocalypse Now co-writer John Milius, this definitive sword, sorcery and fantasy action adventure places Mr. Universe Schwarzenegger in Robert E. Howard's literary hero's fur codpiece to slice his way through infamy. With his family wiped out by a snake fuelled sorcerer, the young Conan is enslaved, only to grow up to be a physically powerful warrior pushed into brutal pit battles to the death. Becoming a thief with two sidekicks, his path again crosses with the cult leader who killed his family, sealing his destiny. Intense and bloody battles paired with a gritty look, fused with a slick style gave this fantasy movie a realistic feel, making it the one every single barbarian movie ripped off since (even the sequel
Conan The Destroyer was a lame parody of itself). One of the Arnie classics and his first big role before he really hit the big time with The Terminator. Soundtrack by Basil Polidouris.
The DVD contains an audio commentary track with Milius and Schwarzenegger, a Making Of documentary, deleted scenes and picture gallery.

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