With Andrew Bowen, Maxine Bahns, John Schneider, Tom Nowicki, Brett Rice

Written by Clint Hutchison & David Yarbrough
Directed by Clint Hutchison

Some time after the despair of a stillborn child challenges Shawn and Helen, they try to put their lives back together and make a new start in the countryside, here Helen's brother is developing a piece of wooded land on an old farm. Across the field from the farm house they're occupying, an old shack is entwined in the vegetation. Shawn (a photographer) investigates this creepy place and things soon start to stir, a restless entity making its presence known. Helen believes he's imagining things, but the manifestations become very real. The cursed folktale of a woman who once lived there suddenly seems more than fiction.

With a few creepy moments and a couple of frights, some of the plot-lines are well-worn, but still make for a watchable thrill.

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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