The Tom Baker Years: 1974-1981

With Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Miles
Directed by David Maloney

The Daleks are the most iconic Doctor Who villains, still maintaining a huge fan base.
This double disc collection includes the six part series where the Doctor (Tom Baker) has to travel back in time and prevent the existence of the psychotic, emotionless Daleks. With that classic Dr. Who feel in all of the aspects (from the look of the 16mm exterior scenes, video shot studio scenes, over-dramatization, tongue in cheek undercurrent, and thrifty special FX), it certainly has a unique flavour. Substantial additional material includes two documentaries covering all Dalek aspects, commentary tracks, a Blue Peter episode featuring a Dr. Who fan’s models, plus photo galleries, illustrations, articles and more.
A Doctor Who fan must-have.

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