With Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Joe Pantoliano
Directed by Mark Steven Johnson

Stan Lee is cashing in on quite a pension with his comic book creations in his ripe old age.
Spider-Man, the second X-Men flick and now the darkly serious Hulk and Daredevil just a few of the block busters gracing our screens in crotch hugging outfits the past couple of years. Affleck is actually not a bad choice for the man blinded as a boy by chemical waste, only to discover it enhanced his hearing and gave him a super radar sense. His boxing father got murdered and he swore to fight for right and uphold justice - by becoming a lawyer by day and vigilante superhero by night, of course. When he falls for a hot girl, their alter egos become enemies as Daredevil gets framed for killing her father. She happens to be a martial arts expert and equally hot in tight leather! The man behind this set-up is Kingpin, who hired Bullseye to do the job. Kingpin runs the entire city's underground activities, and with Bullseye, adhere very well to the comic book recipe.
With excitement, vicious action, great FX and the inevitable romantic link, the story doesn't take a wussy copout, but heads into adult territory without the violin infused happy endings. Great stuff. An extra disc will give you a whole bunch of bonus stuff to Marvel at.
The stomping soundtrack includes South African rockers

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