With Chaney Kley, Emma Caulfield, Lee Cormie, Grant Piro
Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Finally a South African director manages to crack into the American horror market. Richard Stanley did do
Hardware, Dust Devil and kick-started the Island Of Dr. Moreau remake, and actors like Arnold Vosloo did The Mummy, Alice Krige appeared in Ghost Story, and Embeth Davidtz in the third Evil Dead flick Army Of Darkness: The Medievil Dead - but Darkness Falls cracked a top American box-office spot. A young boy afraid of the dark grows up not to shake his fear. The town he grew up in holds the legend of a woman nicknamed the Tooth Fairy, who was burned for being a witch one and a half centuries ago. Legend has it that she moves in darkness and takes kids from the night. On returning to his town, our hapless hero has to face up to his fears and try to survive and save the town from the evil spirit's stranglehold. Entertaining, but tends to get a bit wobbly in parts, especially when it panders to modern horror expectations.

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