DEAD/ALIVE (aka Braindead)

With Timothy Balme, Diana Peñalver, Elizabeth Moody, Ian Watkin, Stuart Devenie
Directed by Peter Jackson

With a great grasp of not only the filmmaking process, but also colloquial humour and special FX, this early triumph from the Oscar™ winning director of the
Lord Of The Rings trilogy splats onto the screen with one hell of a bang. In this, Jackson’s third feature, Lionel lives with his domineering mother. When she is bitten by a psycho ape in the zoo she turns into a rabid zombie, infecting many others. Lionel has met a girl, and has to try and contain the bunch of dribbling puss-bags while attempting to live a normal life. The gore factor rates high and hilarious, with slapstick horror all over the place, leaving Lionel (literally) knee deep in blood and guts by the finale.
A true classic.

6 / A
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