With John Robinson, Alex Frost, Elias McConnell, Eric Deulen, Nathan Tyson
Directed Gus van Sant

With a rich variety of films under his belt like
My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy to the Psycho remake and Good Will Hunting, van Sant takes an intense and ominously edgy look at a normal school day where a Columbine disaster is brewing. Following a variety of students along their sometimes eventless activities on this fateful school day (including the perpetrators), van Sant with his roaming camera and the lack of music, coupled with the inexperienced actors' natural delivery creates a tense sense of impending doom. Some scenes are lengthy uneventful walks through hallways, the camera a few feet behind the subject, but invoke an hallucinogenic mood that is in no way boring. A harrowing cinematic experience of social commentary without acting preachy.

5 / B
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