With Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Jeanne Bates
Directed by David Lynch

David Lynch's cult classic first feature from the late '70s is still a work of black & white brilliance. Set in a nondescript semi-post apocalyptic dystopia, our unlikely lead, Henry, has to move in with a girlfriend who had their extremely premature baby. Shacked up in a cramped apartment he starts to flip out and his lust also ventures to the lady across the hallway. With some great nightmare sequences and symbolic moments,
Eraserhead is one of those few great visual narratives where dialogue is not all that important. Apparently born from Lynch's panic when his girlfriend fell pregnant with his daughter Jennifer (who went on to direct Boxing Helena), his neuroses ended up becoming a film of historic visual significance. Lynch's lighting and sound design obsession is already on display here and the film also sees many of his recurring actors, themes, and even sound- & set design in his later work. This particular soundtrack is filled with atmospheric industrial sounds sometimes mixed with Fats Waller piano tonking. When the subject of Cult Films comes up, the chance of Eraserhead not being mentioned is mighty slim.

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