With Ellen Burstyn, Max Von Sydow, Linda Blair, Jason Miller
Directed by William Friedkin

In 1973 a film was released that shocked the whole world (except South Africa - being one of the backward countries believing it might destroy its perfect population's morals). Not a horror film, gorefest or mere exercise in blasphemy, The Exorcist was and still is a masterpiece. Part drama, part struggle of faith and all mesmerizing, writer William Peter Blatty and director Friedkin take us on a mind-blowing trip of possession in the modern world. Yes, everyone knows about the queues around the block at theatres as well as churches and the green projectile vomiting and crude words of blasphemy coming from the possessed little girl's oral cavity (still hectic). But, as a whole it is a touching (and disturbing) drama of a mother's inability to protect her child from a force beyond her. After scientific explanation fails, she has to turn to the clergy to perform an exorcism, herself not at all religious. Brilliantly made, superbly acted and almost immaculately executed, after 30 years it still packs a punch and a half or two. Some will still go away from it feeling severely pummeled. This director's cut is not a mere re-release excuse - and even if it was, it doesn't matter, since not many of us (in SA) had the privilege of seeing this classic on the glorious big screen - besides being too young (or unborn) on top of its banned status. The additional scenes and sequences do not necessarily enhance or detract from the film as its original genius is still well in tact.
The original
Exorcist DVD release included a marvellous documentary. This new version has several TV, theatre and radio ads, which is OK, but the best bonus is the Friedkin commentary track with too much interesting stuff to even get into - experience this whole new version in an even more unique way on top of it all!

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