Extant 1
EXTANT Season 1

With Halle Berry, Camryn Manheim, Goran Visnjic, Pierce Gagnon, Grace Gummer, Hiroyuki Sanada, Louis Gossett Jr.
Written by Mickey Fisher, Lesley Bohem, Eliza Clark & others
Directed by Dan Lerner, Christine Moore, Adam Arkin & others

With both Steven Spielberg and Halle Berry on board as producers, this Sci-Fi series kicked off with a substantial high profile. It also stars Berry as Molly Woods, an astronaut who returns to earth pregnant, after a 13 month mission in space (having had an hallucination of her dead ex). Thing is, she’s not able to conceive…

(Run by a wealthy Japanese man with an agenda) the agency she works for however has some undercover plans involving an alien life form. But is she losing her mind or is this real?

Together with her husband John (a scientist who developed Ethan, a Humanich AI robot in the shape of a realistic boy, which they’re rearing as their own to help its development), her doctor friend Sam, another astronaut and a high-ranking agency official, they need to unravel this mystery that could be detrimental to our planet.

With a balance of human emotion, sci-fi elements, action and drama, I feel this would’ve been more captivating if it wrapped as a single season with a profound punchline, in stead of the inevitable expansion into several runs, diluting and stretching it out for more mileage (and at 520 minutes, the 4 disc series does take some time investment!).

Several extra features include deleted scenes, a look at the story behind the series, visual effects, behind the scenes of the filming, a gag reel and more.

3 / B
- Paul Blom

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