With Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Meatloaf Aday, Jared Leto
Directed by David Fincher

How overjoyed I was when this film came out (one of my favourite films of its release year teetering at the edge of the century), not displaying the crap story element of director Fincher's appalling film
The Game. Alien3 and Se7en were awesome, and the ludicrous Game made me worry that Fincher might not be as good as he appeared. How very wrong that would've been! This anarchic psychologically twisted masterpiece about an insurance claims investigator whose dreary life and insomnia drives him to extreme measures not only pokes fun at society and humanity, but also makes you think about our blind consumerist ad-driven lives. When meeting soap salesman Tyler on one of many job related plane trips and his flat explodes, the life of our nameless narrator is changed forever. The two embark on a journey of self-discovery via good friendly violence. They create Fight Club, where strict rules are bound and men get together to beat the shit out of each other. From merely coming to grips with your own capabilities and destroying the daily norm, it escalates into a virtual army of disciples with powerful capabilities. There is also the hate-love relationship with a woman (Marla) who would make any Goth proud. Obsessed with death, she seems like the one thing that could come between the new blood brothers. Amazingly shot, meticulously directed, fabulously acted and with such a gritty sense of cool, you gotta love this film on every level (the unforgettable scenes too many to even get started on - almost every sequence containing a stark, hilarious, shocking or aesthetically admirable portion, sometimes all at once!).
The 2 disc DVD release contains the film in the only format worth subscribing to: widescreen, with crystal clear surround sound. Artist biographies include that of actors, director as well as soundtrack creators,
The Dust Brothers. Public Announcement trailers from Pitt & Norton (hilarious), publicity material, storyboards, internet spots & trailers as well as a stills gallery can be checked out. There is an Edward Norton Yale interview while This Is Your Life is a great music video clip of The Dust Brothers track, featuring Brad Pitt vocal samples. Deleted scenes and their alternates can both be viewed as it was cut into the film or as it could've been. All in all one splendid package, not only in content, but also in its animated menus and gatefold packaging, complete with booklet. An incredible film presented in the most satisfying of ways.

6 / A
- PB

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