With Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz
Directed by David Cronenberg

This classic B-movie tale originally featuring Vincent Price as the scientist whose teleportation device backfires miserably, gets the very competent mid-'80s remake treatment from Canada's best director, David Cronenberg. The subject is right up his alley - the fusion of biological organisms to become something new and horrifying. Quirky inventive genius Seth Brundle's teleportation device (which sends objects through space - decoding matter in one pod and rematerializes it in another) has never had a human test and he decides to be the guinea pig himself. But, on his test run, a fly slipped in with him, splicing a combination of their genes together in the other pod! Slowly he starts to morph into a grotesque fly creature to the horror of his new girlfriend. Goldblum's performance is fantastic. Gory, shocking and also a tragic love story, the film spawned an inferior sequel without Cronenberg's involvement - a blatant cash-in.

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