With Christopher George, Lynda Day-George, Edmund Purdom, Frank Brana
Directed by Juan Piquer Simon

In the vein of classic chainsaw killer movies with not much attention paid to script, this little Spanish-Italian gem is as enjoyable as it is tacky. I mean, how can you resist a line like " an axe-wielding boy grows up to be a chainsaw-wielding madman"! This professional anonymous psycho goes around a campus dismembering girls to fulfill his gruesome little obsession - but your first guess of the killer's identity will most probably be spot-on. As to be expected, the victims are all young women and some obvious red herrings are thrown at the audience - including some ludicrous moments like the kung-fu bit (?!). Graphic gore is probably the only thing saving it from getting too boring. The ending is brilliantly ludicrous, making it all worthwhile! The band Swamp Terrorists used several dialogue samples for some of their songs.

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