With Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopie Goldberg
Directed by David Zucker

Nobody would've thought that the slapstick comedy director behind films like
Flying High, Top Secret and Hot Shots would try his hand at a serious subject. Not only did he surprise everyone but the film even earned a couple of Oscars™ (including Best Supporting Actress for Whoopie Goldberg & Best Screenplay). The life of a couple is torn apart when the man is murdered in what seems like a street mugging. When the dead man's spirit hesitates to cross over to the other side, he is trapped in the land of the living. This places him in the torturous situation to witness the grief of his wife, advances of his best friend and inability to protect her from harm. But it seems as though there might be hope when he manages to communicate with a medium (Whoopie). Demi is mostly teary while Swayze surprised in this change from his usual macho roles. Tender, touching and sad, Ghost also has more tense dramatic moments as well as comedic turns (especially from Goldberg), without transgressing its essence.
The DVD contains a retrospective documentary as well as a duet commentary from director and writer highlighting the trials & tribulations of getting the film made & tricks or anecdotes related to the execution of scenes.

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