With Gabriel Byrne, Juliana Marguiles, Isaiah Washington
Directed by Steve Beck

If you can have a haunted house (take your pick), haunted car (
Christine), haunted space ship (Event Horizon), why not a cruise ship? That's obviously what Robert Zemeckis and Joel Silver thought when they backed this spooky tale to be preserved on celluloid for posterity…or to gratify cheap-scare freaks at least. A salvage team gets handed the find of a lifetime. A pleasure boat missing for decades. Nobody has a claim on the multi-million salvage, bringing it down to finders-keepers. As the title suggests and the gruesome opening sequence show, the passengers did not go voluntarily, or neatly. Apparitions and freaky events slowly start to cast doubt on the whole scheme as the past events also start to unfold. Spooky scares and cheap tricks are thrown in equal measures. There are many red herrings as well as very obvious motifs in this thrill ride which uses elements of personal weaknesses and fears being preyed upon like in a Red Dwarf TV episode and the aforementioned Event Horizon. Ghost Ship is fleeting fun that doesn't require much more that sitting back and munching your popcorn.

3 / C
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