With Jordan Ladd , Gabrielle Rose , Samantha Ferris , Stephen Park , Serge Houde

Written & Directed by Paul Solet

Since Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, many movie-makers have attempted to create a fearful theme with a newborn at its plot axis (the cheap and tacky It's Alive movies notwithstanding). Grace takes on this subject with some highly effective and disturbing results. After a pregnant mother-to-be loses her husband and her unborn child in a tragic accident, she chooses to carry the dead baby to term. But, miraculously on giving birth, the baby is alive. Systematically the baby starts to display strange behaviour and a thirst for more than milk...
With supporting characters including the mother's ex-girlfriend assisting with the child's birth at her clinic, to a step-mother adamant to get custody of her dead son's child, this is a well-structured tale set to freak out future mothers, even though it's pace lags in parts.
Grace also screened at the 2009 Toronto After Dark film festival.

4 / C
- Paul Blom

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