These guys were supposed to be the world's first video-only band. But, after the popularity of their cool Three Little Pigs song, they had to sell out to the disc. By using their own rock style and deliberately stealing some from others, the band created some hilarious music videos with low budgets and high hilarity. Stop animation, hokey sets, rubber masks and cheesy set-ups take the viewer through a monster-, freak- and weirdo-fest with songs like the abovementioned pork-tune, the beefy Obey The Cow God, psychedelic Trippin' On XTC, stinky Misadventures Of Shitman, cheese-rock Electric Harley House (Of Love), freezing Flight Of The Skajaquada, a dance club tune rip-off House Me Teenage Rave, a
Flintstones take on Anarchy In the UK, and warped Rock-N-Roll Pumpkin. With some of the band members in the TV business, they created this as a self-satisfying party that turned out to be a global blast.
PS. I still believe some, if not all of
Green Jell  is in fact Gwar, the ultimate horror rock band.

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