It is no secret that Tarantino and Rodriguez managed to build exciting careers on recreating classic movie moments burnt onto their psyches, but adding their vision and flair onto it to create something new, fresh and wildly entertaining. With their Grindhouse project they resurrected the classic ‘70s / ‘80s era of crummy theatres screening back to back cheap exploitation movies. So, they each made a movie to be combined as a double feature, Death Proof and Planet Terror, and got some extra directors to make fake trailers linking them up (including Rob “House of 1000 Corpses” Zombie, Edgar “Shaun Of The Dead” Wright, and Eli “Hostel” Roth).

The only South African Grindhouse Double Feature of Death Proof and Planet Terror was hosted by Flamedrop Productions, Cinemania and Shadow Realm inc., at the
2008 X FEST Extreme Film Festival.
It included the fake trailer Machete.


With Rose McGowan, Bruce Willis, Freddy Rodríguez, Josh Brolin, Jason Douglas, Christine Rose, Stacy Ferguson, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Savini,
Hung Nguyen

Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Rodriguez’s installment for the Grindhouse double feature takes a very different turn to the auto-mayhem of Tarantino’s Death Proof. A zombie-like infection breaks out with military links, and a bunch of survivors
including a stripper who lost her leg, her ex-boyfriend a martial arts expert tow-truck driver, a female doctor, cops and a BBQ restaurant owner fight their way through the carnage. The madness erupts and heads explode. The humour is just as wild, and the damaged frames and missing reels add to the laughs. The over-the-top action, violence and gore (expertly slung by Greg Nicotero – winning Best Visual FX at the 2008 South African X FEST), is not the only plus point, but as expected, in the hands of Rodriguez, you’re in for one hell of a cinematic ride.
And, before the movie starts, you get the classic Machete trailer!

As with Planet Terror, the single disc South African DVD release of Planet Terror does feature a couple of extras (but not as much as a rabid fan would want – will local collectors be able to pick up a double disc edition down the line?).
Here you get a look at the hot ladies of Planet Terror, the stunts and special FX, as well as a 10 Minute Film School episode from Robert Rodriguez.

5 / A
- Paul Blom


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