With Amber Tamblyn, Arielle Kebbel, Edison Chen, Jennifer Beals, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joanna Cassidy
Directed by Takashi Shimizu

Wide eyed pale Japanese kids hiding in closets or dark baths don’t score many scare points anymore. Even though this was made by Takashi Shimizu, the Japanese originator of the
Ju-On movies (as with The Ring remake sequel featuring Ringu 2 director Hideo Nakata), this is hardly an improvement. The first Grudge remake had a great mood with a high creep factor. Here it’s just replication with even the shock scare attempts failing. The sister of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s surviving character travels to Japan at her miserable mother’s behest. The Grudge curse is however far from rested and continues its wrath, this time across continents as the narrative is inter cut between both Japan and America (where an apartment building becomes unsettlingly affected).
A couple of Western kids at a school in Japan visit the infamous house where the
Grudge originated in order to scare the shy, bullied one of the bunch. The curse is reactivated and here we go again.
The original
with Christopher Walken was cool, but then the lame sequel came around with Jennifer Beals…Beals pops up in this one, so you do the math.

2 / C
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