With Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, PJ Soles, Nancy Loomis, Charles Cyphers
Directed by John Carpenter

The classic babysitter fright fest begins here. John Carpenter's first big hit is still a perfect example of maximum effect from minimum resources. The suburban town of Haddonfield becomes a slaughterhouse when years after being locked up in a mental institution for killing his sister one Halloween night, Michael Myers escapes and returns home for a bloody anniversary. One particular unwitting babysitter becomes the target of this madman (with a proclivity for huge butcher knives), with the doctor who treated Michael tracking him back to his hometown. This film also launched the career of Jamie Lee Curtis as one of the first new breed of Scream Queens (her pedigree being Tony Curtis and one of the original Scream Queens,
Psycho actress Janet Leigh). Pleasence also became a Carpenter favourite. Made on a shoestring in the late '70s, the director utilized great scares, atmospheric cinematography and a fine cast to turn this menacing night of horror into a believable thrill - Carpenter's classic minimalist soundtrack also synonymous with the film's creepy mood. The masked killer became the basic premise for thousands of films after this, not to mention a bunch of sequel spin-offs.

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PS. This classic got a remake in 2007 by Rob Zombie

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