With Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Jeffrey Kramer, Lance Guest, Pamela Susan Shoop, Dick Warlock
Directed by Rick Rosenthal

While it was written by originators John Carpenter and Debra Hill, unfortunately it was directed by someone else, resulting in it losing the original magic. As is often unavoidable with cash-in sequels, it can never outdo the original. But, this continuation of Michael Myers terrorizing his hometown after escaping from the nuthouse does deliver some good moments. Predominantly set in the creepy after hours of the hospital where terrorized babysitter Laurie has been admitted after her Halloween night ordeal (fleeing from Myers and witnessing many of her friends skewered with a huge butcher knife). Part three had no relation whatsoever to Michael Myers (aka The Shape), but it was pretty much downhill after that. Still, we can hold the original dear, even if Rob Zombie’s remake turns out not half bad.

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