With Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Jennifer Tilly, Marsha Thomason
Directed by Rob Minkoff

Those of us who'd never been to Disneyland would not have experienced the variety of theme rides and shows the place has to offer. With
Pirates Of The Caribbean based on one such event hot off the circuit, another one hits the screen. Eddie Murphy heads the Evers family, ambitious estate agents. They detour a family getaway to check out an old valuable piece of property in New Orleans. As the hardly cryptic title may suggest, this is no ordinary house. The story borrows liberally from Bram Stoker's Dracula tale with Mrs. Evers becoming the fixation of the home owner whose loved one was killed. Expect plenty of running and screaming as the family gets split up, encountering a range of spooks. The scares are hardly heart stopping, but Rick Baker's zombie moments might give some viewers the creeps, while others may find the lukewarm humour frightening. Murphy overplays it, Stamp hams it up as the eerie butler, Tilly squeaks as the disembodied gypsy and the kids (especially the girl) are annoying wise-ass brats. Yet, all in all it's a blast for the youngsters, but pretty much like a fun-ride, forgotten when it's over.

2 / C
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