With Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Martin Donovan, Sophi Knight, Amanda Crew, Ty Wood

Written by Adam Simon & Tim Metcalfe
Directed Peter Cornwell

In order to be closer to the hospital where their son receives specialist cancer treatment, a family moves to Connecticut. With money tight, they find a huge rental house at a very affordable price. Things are obviously not kosher. Almost from the get-go strange things start to happen, especially witnessed by the sick son Kyle. Slowly the house’s history is unearthed, hosting some very upset spirits. This is not a very welcome state of affairs on top of Kyle’s medical crisis, nor their financial state and the father’s alcoholism recovery. The situation escalates to the point that it seems as though not even the help of an ailing priest will suffice. So, why the hell don’t they just get out you may ask? That’s where the expensive medical cost and their financial situation comes in, leaving them with very few options.
The moviemakers succeed in building up some very eerie moments and damn fine scares, making good use of sound and reflective shocks. This is a very welcome departure from the beaten-to-death torture genre, and like Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell, playing a part in resurrecting the art of real scary cinema, as opposed to graphic brutality.
Not devoid of flaws and with some minor physical details that could’ve done with some more attention, on the whole this is a very effective ghost story – and is said to be based on true events, the thought of which always makes it even more of a freak out.

PS. Writer Adam Simon has had long gaps between his scripts, and also wrote and directed the very cool Brain Dead (aka Paranoid) starring Bill Pullman. His co-writer here Tim Metcalfe on the other hand wrote the first few Revenge Of the Nerds movies(!), the intriguing Kalifornia, and worked with Simon on Bones (2001). For more info on the real story, check out the book In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting (1992), co-authored by horror writer Ray Garton, paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren, and the real people involved, Al & Carmen Snedeker.

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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