With Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson, Barbara Nedeljakova, Jan Vlasák, Petr Janis, Takashi Miike, Patrik Zigo
Directed by Eli Roth

In the midst of the mid-2000 torture horror flood,
Cabin Fever director Eli Roth’s second feature Hostel stood out from the rest. It actually had a bit of social commentary hidden in the gratuitous terrorizing and murder of American backpackers. Could it even be seen as a metaphor for terrorist attacks on America and the country as a whole?
A bunch of young carefree friends hit Europe for a spot of hedonism and exploitation – be it sex with women or getting wasted on booze and drugs. While on their whirlwind trip of excess in Amsterdam they get wind of a place in Slovakia where absolutely anything goes. The hostel they check into is in fact a base where young tourists get picked out to be tortured and killed in whichever way the high paying “customers” feel fit - the exploiters becoming the exploited in the worst possible way. Victims are taken to a dilapidated factory where they are locked in rooms with their respective tormentors. It is run in the same fashion as any industry (albeit heavily guarded), in this case victims and killers moving through like a slaughterhouse.
Dark, sadistic and bloody with some visceral special FX,
is nothing new, but will no doubt spawn a load of sub-par imitations with very little point except the ripping apart of bodies and ear piercing screams.
Granted, Horror themes from ghost stories and madmen, to monsters, Japanese remakes and real life fear & terror subjects (like this) has been explored in every shape and form. In the future all we can do is hope for a fresh approach.

4 / B
- PB

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