With Gary Sinese, Madeleine Stowe, Vincent D'nofrio, Anthony Shalhoub
Directed by Gary Fleder

Based on a 1953 story by renowned Sci-Fi writer Philip K. Dick, this future vision is quite an original one. Alpha Centauri wages war on earth. During this long battle a man loses his father to these aliens and his fascination with rockets turn to his dedicated development of an intense weapon to defeat the enemy. Earth's cities are covered by domes to deflect constant alien attacks. When our hero is accused of in fact being an alien clone set out to assassinate key earth personnel, his race for survival begins. With the focus more on the human side of the tale, the design is still quite impressive. Though it 'aint no
Bladerunner, Impostor contains enough serial cliffhanger tension and futuristic action to satisfy popcorn munchers, while its deeper philosophical layers and guesswork add to its effectiveness.

3 / C
- PB

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